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Do you know how much you need to save in order to retire?

For most people it is hard to plan for the future without looking past the present.

Accountants 4 Landlords have helped numerous landlords with retirement planning and have created a 'retirement calculator' tool to help you focus on your long term financial plans.

Benefits of using this service:

  • Undertaking this exercise will help you to:
  • Identify the minimum amount you will need to achieve on the sale of your properties or of a business in order to secure a comfortable retirement income
  • Recognise any shortfalls you may have in your current monthly savings
  • Work out the monthly savings you need to make in order to secure the retirement income you desire
  • Adjust your levels of savings based upon fluctuating interest and inflation rates
  • Calculate how much longer you need to rent out your property and you need to work before retiring, based upon your current savings levels
  • Have peace of mind that you are heading on the right road to retirement or give you time to change your strategy if necessary

Features of the service include:

  • Calculation of whether your current pension fund is sufficient
  • Variable results based upon differing income and retirement ages
  • Detailed letter outlining results, recommendations and alternative solutions

From past experience we have found that many of the results that have been produced serve as a real eye-opener. The package is only £150 + VAT.

If you would like to plan for a more secure future, then please contact Janice Offer on (01474) 853856 who will be happy to provide you with further details.